April 23, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 1k buy in 6 max online, Full Tilt
Stage of tourney: Fairly early
Avg stack: ~6500
Your image: Active pre and post flop
Opponent’s image: Successful, thinking player
Your hand: 9♠9♣

The setup: You’ve accumulated a decent stack in this tournament when the following hand comes up. You’re dealt nines in the BB. The table folds to the CO, who raises 3x. You three bet to 900 after the SB folds, and the CO calls. The flop isn’t the greatest:


You check and the CO checks behind. The turn bricks with the 2♥ and you lead for 450 into 1850. The CO calls and the river puts a four-card straight on board:


You check and your opponent shoves. What’s your play?

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Gotta let go of your middle pair here. H only beats a complete bluff and V’s line says he’s got better than that.


Pirate21 Reply:

Oops – I needed to look closer…. I still think it’s a fold spot though. V has an ace more than 50% of the time here.


Anonymous Coward

But you only need 1-in-3 odds to call here, no? I say call and expect to lose.


Morat Reply:

Actually it’s 2 to 5 (2.1 to 4.9). The 2100 Bet is included in pot size.

An ace is big part of his range, and even bigger part of our range. A thinking opponent wouldn’t bluff shove here just because we checked the river, not 30% of the time for sure. Easy, but painful fold.

Probably a blocking bet could’ve been better on the river.


_CityBorn_ Reply:

an ace becomes a smaller part of our range when we bet all streets up until the river where an ace makes the nuts, and then check. that looks a lot like we’re giving up because the board just got too dangerous and we figure him for an ace.

he could easily be trying to get us off the better hand here by shoving against our check. his bet is also affordable so we have to pick him off if he doesnt have it. if we lose we’re still twice the average stack.

also, we have an active image, which means its less likely we have an ace.



I’d fold as Hero is beaten the vast majority of the time.

The call of the light turn bet indicates perhaps a pr w/tk, or the nuts. Hands that we beat, like 2-pr or a set, are likely raising the turn and likely would have bet the flop.

Both lines support an Ace. There is no reason for the V to shove unless they have one as the Hero could have checked the river with an Ace.


_CityBorn_ Reply:

why would hero check an ace and risk losing value? if you bet every street before the ace made the nuts, that conceals the likelihood of having an ace. you wouldnt slow down now, youd hope the v calls your bet based on that reasoning.


samo Reply:

Hero checked the flop, then bet <25% of pot on the turn. There is enough of a story-line to rep an Ace imo.

If a successful, thinking Villain does not have an Ace, they will not call Hero lead on the riv. Thus, no value lost.

If there was more action through-out, I had an Ace, and could put the V on say top 2-pr I’d lead for value. However, given the V line in this hand I don’t see them calling on the river.


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