April 17, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 20+2 MTT, about 1500 entrants
Your image: This is the first hand you’ve played in the tournament
Stage of tourney: Early stages, this is only the 5th hand dealt at your table
Avg stack: 1500
Misc notes: Player C has been very aggressive and doubled up first hand. The past couple of hands he has bullied other players out of the pots.
Your hand: J♣J♦

Preflop: Player A folds, you raise to 60, and Player C re-raises the minimum, making it 100 to play. The table folds around to you and you call. The flop comes lowball


Flop: You bet 200 OOP, Player C insta raises all in, putting you all in. You:

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I hate JJ. I’m folding, its only five hands into the tournament. I don’t know what he’s got, but A8 or A2 are likely holdings for a big stack to make a minimum raise. I don’t want anybody with any Ace facing my pocket jacks on any street. I FOLD.



I get it all-in here against this player but I would’ve reraised his minimum raise and tried to get it all-in preflop instead.



This is a trivially easy fold. There’s no need to risk your entire stack this early in the tourney, when someone this wild will eventually bust out . I would only consider calling call with AA or KK.



a 2 pocket 8s or an over pocket is the only thing better. hes been bullying so thats probably what hes doing here. easy call.



You shouldn’t worry about a deuce. If he has an eight, then you welcome it. The only thing you don’t want is for him to have an overpair or trip deuces, both unlikely. Assuming he has two overcards–worst case is KQ suited with one of the cards on board–you’re still over 70% to win. He probably has an ace, but his kicker could be anything based on his manicial play. If it’s a Jack or lower, you’re in even better shape. Call quickly so you can get in more hands against this guy.


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