October 25, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: $30 Rebuy, Full Tilt Poker
Stage of tourney: Rebuy period closed
Your image: Fairly aggressive
Opponent’s image: A little loose
Your hand: A♣A♥

The setup: You’ve got a solid stack in this rebuy tournament; the rebuy period is closed. This hand you get AA in MP. A player to your left makes it 600 and you flat. The rest of the table folds. You flop an overpair:


Your opponent checks and you bet 1500. They call and the 6♦S hits the turn. They check again.

What’s your play?

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Voted to bet here.
Pretty confident we’re ahead here (suppose V could have 44/88, but that’s a very small part of his range and I think he probably checks the flop most of the time).
I think the combination of our aggressive image and his loose image makes it worthwhile to keep firing. I doubt V is on a SD, but definitely a lot of FDs in his range – so we want to charge for that draw.
I like a bet of around $2K to try and induce a shove which I obviously call.


Pirate21 Reply:

Oops… he did check the flop.
I’ll give a little more credit to possible FH here, but it’s still a very small part of V’s range. I’d still rather fire again than give the free card. We have the opportunity to put V to a shove/fold decision when we are ahead a substantial majority of the time…


The Poker Meister

Way ahead of “a little loose” opponent. He can be check / calling on all overpairs (99-KK), flush draws, straight draws. Keep firing; his check does not indicate 6x nor sets -> full houses. It will be decision time if he c/r’s you on the turn, but deal with that if it happens. In the meantime, charge him for his continued “draw.”


The Poker Meister Reply:

Oops. Didn’t realize that he has a 4560 stack at the beginning of the hand, and you have a large stack. Fire away and call a c/r turn. Don’t be afraid to get it all in.



My gut says raise as well, but I don’t really know what to make of v’s line actually… Unless he holds one of the three winning pocket pairs, his check-potsized call on the flop is terrible IMO.
Overs should c-bet or check/fold, overpairs and draws should c-bet or check/raise. Speaking of draws, note that we hold the Ah.

I play at lower stakes than these but I’d imagine clueless players still pop up regularly here… however, we can’t assume this villain is a donk just on ‘a little loose’ – e.g. a thinking LAG will realize that a pf flat call by an aggressive player often means a monster, and if he has flopped his trips his line is perfectly valid.
Could he be floating our bet to set up a bluff? No, because his turn check makes no sense then.

I think we should’ve put his skill to the test pre-flop by raising him. Everyone loves to trap with AA, but it also means losing a street of value and handing out free cards for opponents to catch up with. AA rarely improves.

But here we are, I don’t know that I could actually bring myself to do it, but I think it’s best to go err on the side of caution; check, and attempt to go to a cheap showdown.

Thoughts? Other than LOL?


Major Dude Reply:

Yeah, I had the same puzzlement about what he might be playing. It’s hard to make his postflop line match up with a whiffed AK/AQ, or an overpair. And his preflop raise doesn’t make sense with most flush draws except maybe KQh.

The most logical hands for his line are 55, 77 and AA. (The idea of chopping this pot is quite amusing!) But if he’s loose sloppy, then his range is huge and we’re ahead of most of it.

His stack size is small enough that we aren’t crushed if we pay off a full house. I’m inclined to bet the turn, call any raise, and hope our AA is good. I think it’s about 70% or better that we are.


Pirate21 Reply:

I think it’s also possible/likely that V has TT-KK and is suspicious of our action (not hard to put us on something like QQ-AA). His line is consistent with “I have an over pair, but not sure I’m good and I’m up against someone that can stack me so let’s see if I can get to showdown cheaply”.
I don’t want to help him with that goal. If he has a boat – nice hand, well played…



Bet around 3k to charge any possible draws, anything equal or better than FD will most likely to call here. V is getting good odds here and most of the time we have the best hand. Call the shove if V does so(pot odds indicates that we are making the right call 1 out of 6 times, plus we can’t be drawing dead unless it’s an extremely rare quads).


Aces Reply:

*5 out of 6* not 1 out of 6 :)



If ya don’t mind ranting and raving, I honestly can’t remember the last hand I lost holding AA, it just doesn’t happen very often! Pre-flop we should’ve raised again, if V had a hand, like JJ, AJs, QQ, AQs, KK’s, AKs, v might decide to re-raise right then preflop! V’s bet of 600 pf is only 2x pot, by re-raising right then we could get a better range of v’s hands.
Ne way, we should shut down any flush draws, straight draws, any other 2 pair, in my opinion a check is a check, looking for a free card. Bet 3k+ and if V has a boat, or quads, we’ll enter it into our players log so we can remember ‘the last time we lost with Aces’….



Bet. There is a small chance he could draw a flush on the river. We have the highest pair. I would definately raise with 2.5k.



Yeah, and thats what I like about live action! 2-2.5k raise and they will call, face to face we can moderate a call where we’re obviously ahead!
Online we need to maintain our advantages, because reliable reads are based on money management, bets made by stack sizes and position. Honestly– the human voice, soul, eyes, and facial expression tell more immediate impressions of intent, but using a keyboard and mouse are pretty awesome!
When will we get vocal software and live video feeds???



I checked this one. I don’t think 6-9 of hearts is outside of his opening range and I’m concerned by his check/call with 2:1 odds. 6-9 of hearts would give him the inside straight draw, flush draw, and a draw at five outs to beat your apparent overpair. i think we’re beat on the turn and he’s attempting a trap. Check to the river and play it safe.


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