July 24, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: No limit hold em tournament
Stage of tourney: 25/7000 remain
Avg stack: 2.8 million
Your image: Aggressive
Opponent’s image: Weak
Your hand: A♠7♠

The setup: You have been using your stack to bully the table, especially a few orbits ago before the bubble broke at 27. Your opponent has been on the same table as you for a bit now and has been playing a very weak game, taking small stabs at pots and bailing when anyone showed serious resistance. You’ve taken a pot away from him with a preflop re-raise already.

This hand, two players fold and then Player C raises to 4x the BB. The table folds around to you in the BB. What’s your preferred line with A7? if you choose a ‘Call’ option, feel free to discuss the impact of various flops on your line in the comments.

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John B.

I’ll fold here, even with Player C playing weak. If he’s got anything, he’s probably going all-in. I won’t get fancy with A-rag — even suited. I’ve got a nice stack, so I’ll slow down some, pick and choose my spots more carefully now.


matt tag

I voted call then check/raise, but after reading the description I like the call and then leading better.

You have to be willing to throw this away if the A pairs and you meet resistance – I think you’re playing this hand for something bigger (trips, flush) to knock off TPGK.


Joe B

You’re not the favorite right now, you have three things against you, the fact that you’re the BB, the fact that you’ve been bullying the table, and that you’ll be out of position after the flop – all of this will make it more likely that he won’t fold to you on a raise unless you put him all in, that would be your best shot here.
You’re not the favorite either – I put him on tens or jacks but think you’ve got one overcard here, that plus the flush makes you about 40% to win on a showdown, and considering you can eliminate him for that, as long as you’re feeling saucy go ahead an put him all in and hope for the ace or the spades, or fold and wait for a better position :)



My first instinct was to fold too… and so was my last one. Like the DHQ opinion, this only thing that keeps this from being an easy fold is the weak tendencies of the raiser.

The main thing I don’t like here is the stack size of the raiser. You really can’t get the implied odds to go for the flush. And there really isn’t enough room to “make a move”… there’s a very good chance the money will go in on the flop here. And of course… you are very likely to be behind. In particular, if you raise, and are called, you are likely far behind.

If you’re playing here, it’s surely not for value… you’re trying to take this away. And I’m not sure that you can. Sure he’s been weak to this point, but how long can you expect to stomp on him? He might take a stand here, he might even have a hand.



Big stacks can choose their battles too.



Well, I voted raise; keep pushing him around until he shows some resistance.

And then I read what happened. Very nice play, nice bet, nice use of the images/situation by the opponent.



I like the fold, even if he is weak I think he could easily push allin here with a weak hand if you chose to go to flop or reraise him straight up.

Even if I put him on a bad range, or think I can take him off a decent hand that misses the flop, given his weakness I actually see him willing to go allin here. He made a buble playing weak poker and I think hes about at the point where he is willing to risk it, even on a weak hand.

Or he could have a monster like in what actually happened. I fold here. Given his under average stack and IMO a suspicious raise for a weak player, I think your either dominated or are going to be in a race for a large amount of chips.

Neither position is good when you have a comfortable chip lead.



I think everyone on this board is trying too hard to get a read of the situation here.

For crying out loud, we’ve got a weak player putting in almost 1/5th of their stack from UTG+2? What do we think he has? He may be a weak player, but I don’t see him folding anything that he’s raising with utg+2. It hasn’t been mentioned how much he’s been raising preflop. Has he been raising a ton? Even if he has, from this position, it’s going to be tough to get him to fold anything preflop and A7 is certainly a dog, and possibly dominated against his range. So a preflop shove is out of the question.

Ok, a stop and go may work here, but really? We can’t like our chances if we see any A, K, Q come up on the flop. And, if the board is all low cards, he may call your lead anyway with a hand like AK or AQ given your history with this player.

No reason here to piss away 1/3 of your stack.

If you do decide to make a play on this hand, why use A-rag suited? It’s the type of hand that can get you in very bad shape and possibly have you drawing dead on the flop if the flop comes K high and we lead with a shove and our opponent has AK. I’d much rather play a hand like T8s that if the board came lower cards you might actually have a very strong hand and if the board came higher cards, a lead may scare our opponent off a hand like JJ or TT.

In any case, since there is so little post-flop poker at this stage of a tourney, I’d just fold and continue to play aggressive preflop. No reason to make a play here.



Definately FOLD! Opponent is short stacked and probably ready to commit all in with 1.7 m left…secondly A7 is an aweful hand to see a huge preflop raise with, even if you flop a pair, you have no idea where you stand..third, your out of position post-flop…and fourth, you have to be willing to lay down A-rags most of the time if you want to survive in a tournament. In fact, in this situation the BB is lucky the opponent raised, if he was a smart player he might have limped in with AA, or raised x2 the big blind to get maximum value for his hand after the flop…then push all in if the flop is scary…


Major Dude

Easy fold. If we were playing four-handed, we could mess with his head a bit, along the lines that DHQ suggests.

But here we’ve got a weak player committing nearly 25% of his stake with more than half the table yet to act, and an awareness that people have been bullying him every time he open raises. He may be weak but he’s not amnesiac. If he wants to be in this hand, given everyone else’s tendency to dope-slap him, he WANTS TO BE IN THIS HAND.

Our A7s is not ahead of very much. It’s behind a whole lot more. We should be shifting gears a little and picking on the middle stacks, who can afford to fold, rather than trying to get away with one last steal against a short stack.


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