September 1, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 109 freezeout, PokerStars
Stage of tourney: Fairly early
Your image: TAG
Opponent’s image: Solid regular
Your hand: T♥7♥

The setup: You’ve built a pretty nice stack in the early stages of this freezeout tournament when the following hand comes up.

You decide to get creative UTG and raise with T7h. You get one caller and whiff the flop:


You bet 675, about 2/3rds pot, and your opponent calls. The turn doesn’t change much with the 4♣, and you bump your bet to 1345.

Your opponent calls and the river brings the 9♥.

Should you bet again, or give up the bluff?

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AK has got to be one of my most likely hands in his mind…. and a TAG would / should bet it on that board, so we might be able to get him to lay down lots of hands between AK and T8…

Just have to hope he doesn’t have a set or make a good call.



Voted check. The villain has called this innocent board the entire way, so it seems like a pair at minimum. A bet will probably get 6s to 8s to fold. If they held 99+, I think a p/f raise would have been in order. A set is possible, and of course KQ, KJ. Hero would have to bet a min ~20% of stack, which is ~45% of villain’s stack. Based on the solid player’s line, I think we are getting called. Save the bet for later.



I would shove if villain´s stack was at least double.With his stack and a drawless board he is getting the right prize to call our shove with TP—-about 1.80 on his call.I´d give up on this.



And this is why i usually don’t get ” too creative ” .

Spewy spots against someone who can’t fold KJ / KQ.



What would a solid regular have in order to call such a ragged flop and to keep calling on the turn.You raised utg and you are viewed as a tag player so he has to be calling with something good.My guess that he has AK or he is set mining with a set of fives.Pocket kings would have raised preflop.Check the river and move on



Smells like AK to me. Let it go.



Another bet would commit him to the pot wholly. Not worth another 4K at this point. Time to give it up.



Just because you’ve played badly three times, that doesn’t mean that you should donk off even more of your stack here.

Solid regular calling down on every street against aggression from a TAG with no draws means AK or a small set are very likely, and the river 9 gives zero scope for a big bluff.

I suggest you snap fold, then give yourself a severe talking to.


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