August 23, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: NL tournament
Your image: Somewhat tight.
Stage of tourney: Early, right before the first break.
Avg stack: 4100
Misc notes: You have not raised much preflop.
Your hand: Q♠Q♣

The setup: Preflop, Player A folds and you raise to 300 with your pocket queens. Everyone folds to the button, who calls. The SB folds and the BB calls. The flop comes pretty ugly:


The BB checks and you bet 700. The button flat calls and the BB folds. The turn brings even worse news: A♥. After the flop, there’s 2350 in the middle. Action is on you – what’s your move?

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Check. You are done with this hand. You cant bet and you cant call a bet. You are protecting your #6 position at this table. You could fold, but its free to check, so check until the button bets.



Tough spot indeed. I make one more feeler bet of about 800 here. If he plays back at me I fold. If he calls I check the river and fold to any bet.


J Silver

Ezaxtly as Kyle. Keep the lead, check/Fold any river (ex Q) if turn called.


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