November 22, 2014

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Game type: 400 NL
Your image: Loose and aggressive
Misc notes: You just won a pretty big pot against this player without a showdown a couple orbits ago
Your hand: J♠T♠

Preflop: You open for $10 from the CO with J♠T♠ and the SB re-raises to $30. BB folds and you call. Flop gives you middle pair and a draw:


The SB bets the pot.

What to do?

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general johnson jameson

i’m folding because i don’t have an open end straight draw to go with it. no seriously, just ship it. if he likes his AQ that much then he’ll pay top dollar for it.

14 wins with 2 pulls, let it ride. not folding. not calling. we can’t just raise. because if we go to 180, then the pot becomes 440, and if he checks and we get a free river, and still miss, then the only way we can win is if he checks the river again, but if that’s the case we had the best hand the entire time. but once all the straight and flush draws miss, we’re left with a pair of jacks, and shipping 170 into 424 will not in a million years get a queen to fold after everything misses.

Gotta get it all in right now. Apply most pressure now, let him make the decision to play a huge $800 pot with a single pair. This spot is all about pressure, lay it on.


Waste_Of_Paint Reply:

100% agree with this. As it stands we’ve got great equity. Also, if we do just flat and our draw hits, it could very well kill our action.


Nelson Reply:

Agree again General! I think most people agree with you most of the time on this site. I can’t wait to hear about the General takin down the main event this year at the WSOP!!!



The only hand that we should really worry about is Kx of spades, gives us a max of 5 outs, against most other credible hands we’ve got sufficient outs to make a shove +ev.
Call is out of the question. We won’t win any more than the pot if we hit and if we don’t there’s not much more than a fold left.


Major Dude Reply:

Nah, even a better flush draw is not frightening — because then he doesn’t have a pair. so he must improve to win. if the board blanks out, our middle pair is good.

according to, we’ve got 53% pot equity if he’s got K9s; 54% if he’s got AKs, and at least 60% pot equity against any other spades.

Heck, even if he has a queen and an overcard, this is very close to a coin-flip. Put him on KsQd and we’ve got 45% pot equity; AsQd and we’re at 46%; any other AQ and we’re at 48%. I’s literally 50/50 if he has KK without a spade.

In fact, I think a big part of his range is an AK that’s missed. or TT. As for other, supposedly deadly hands, i can’t see him playing 33 or QJ this way preflop; and I can’t see him playing JJ or QQ this way postflop.

There’s no way we’re dangerously behind, and if it’s close, being the aggressor now will pay off hugely.



blue Reply:

“I can’t see him playing JJ or QQ this way postflop.”

lol? So you dont bet here with sets postflop?


Major Dude Reply:

It’s the size of the bet, sir.

Betting pot only makes sense if you either want to shut down the hand right away, or think you’re up against a strong draw who needs to be charged a steep price to continue.
Our hand is very undefined right now. If Villain has a set, he’s miles ahead of most of our range.

My point was that JJ or QQ would be much more likely to bet the standard 1/2 to 2/3 pot to see if we want to come along. That gets him more calls if we have a mediocre hand (gutshots; middle pairs, underpairs, etc.) It also invites the stronger draws to raise him — and then he can get all his money in the middle while he’s ahead.

Leading out with a pot-sized bet means Villain misses out on all those good possibilities.

blue Reply:

Major dude – without previous history you cannot assume he bets 1/2 or 2/3 pot with sets. He can easily a pot sized bet with a set to make draws pay. You are making assumptions on the villain when in fact we have no prior knowledge whether he/she thinks that way.


uh, you guys realize if we shove we fold worse and get called by better right?

To those saying: “Apply most pressure now”

What pressure? He calls overpairs, sets and TP, folds his missed hands (AK) and 3betting junk (any low SC’s).
Thats not pressure at all. I would be snapping with any made hand here.

How can you guys just dismiss calling? Easy call and evaluate turn. Knowing Cbet and double barrel frequency would be nice too.

And if you think a spade kills our action, lots of overpairs/tp’s have a big spade to go with and wont fold.


general johnson jameson Reply:


calling is not optimal here because this hand is too strong to play so passive. if we had 4s5s, sure then let’s just call and see one more. but our jacks could be good right now, our J and T outs surely are good unless he has QQ, 33 and JJ are terribly unlikely. Our spade outs are more than likely good.

If you just call 60, what is your plan? If it bricks bad, and he checks are you going to bet? If he has squat, and you fire, and he folds, your bet logic for not shoving still held, we folded out a weaker hand, and not earning a single penny more. If you check behind, that doesn’t build a pot when we have a good made hand and a great draw to go with it.

If it bricks bad, and he bets the pot again for 180, what is your plan? If you call 180, the pot is now twice the size of your stack, and there is no way we can brick the river, bluff shove, and get a fold. The only hope with a river brick is to pray he checks, we check behind, and hope that our jack is good. If the river bricks bad, and he puts us all in on the river, are you going to fold your jack?

Playing this passively and cautious does nothing over the course of 3 streets. Go to war with this hand, and force him to make a decision right at the front. At no point are we going to fold this hand, so what is the point of calling off all of our chips? We have to assume that he isn’t going to stop betting. He 3 bet, c-bet, and we have a huge wide range, I don’t see us getting a check on the turn.

It seems like you haven’t thought of a plan for anticipating further bets and scenarios. Of course we aren’t going to fold out good hands, but that’s not the point. The point is to get them to like their hand so much that they commit all of their money while we are actually a favorite. I get max value every time then when I hit. I get moderate value every time they fold. And for the smaller % of times I lose, that is okay, this is +EV all day long here. A J, T, or spade here is going to make him wary, because a lot of hands get there. Force him to make the decision, for us its easy.

It kind of makes me laugh that you’d snap stack-off with just a pair here. A lone pair here is not an easy decision for dumping $300 more dollars in.

Remember pressure doesn’t always mean fold, it means make decisions for their chips. And if their conclusion is to fold and keep chips, so be it, but this is one scenario where if he folds, I win, and if he puts his whole stack in, I win also in the long run.


blue Reply:

I see where you are coming from, but i still think your wrong.

“If you just call 60, what is your plan?”
On a brick turn if he checks, i bet expecting him to have air (AK or random 3bet junk). Sure we dont earn “a penny more” but neither does shoving the flop and having him fold his air.

“If it bricks bad, and he bets the pot again for 180, what is your plan?”
Call, we still have plenty of equity against made hands and he can be double barreling air.
we dont care about bluff shoving cuz we arent going to do it.

“If the river bricks bad, and he puts us all in on the river, are you going to fold your jack?”
Yes we beat nothing. Sure we have odds to call, but we are never good here.

“this is +EV all day long here.”
Your correct shoving is +EV. We are at best fliping with an overpair if he calls and we can always find a fold.
BUT calling is even more +EV. He can keep bluffing and put in more money where he may have otherwise folded to our flop shove.

“It kind of makes me laugh that you’d snap stack-off with just a pair here. A lone pair here is not an easy decision for dumping $300 more dollars in.”

Who cares how much money it is. It could be 10nl for all I care.
We are approx 100bb’s deep to begin the hand with. Are you saying in the villains shoes you would fold AQ+ here? for <100bbs? Especially when our “shove” makes our range pretty much only a draw of some sort?

“if he folds, I win, and if he puts his whole stack in, I win also in the long run.”
sure if villain folds obviously we win.
if we call and let him bluff we win more.
And if we call and he triple barrels we lose the least.

Doesn’t take a genius to work out which path we should take.

cliffs: shoving is +EV, calling is ++EV



I like a 3x raise. With our image I think a shove is somewhat transparent. Unless V has a set or QJ, we are at least a 5-4 fav to make/improve our hand by the river.

6-handed, the V range is obviously wide playing back at our opening raise. They could have a mid-pr, and made the pot-sized c-bet. If they have an avg Q, they’ll likely call and check the turn. In position with lag image, I actually think there is a good chance the V checks the turn and perhaps the river, hoping that we bluff. This gives us a chance to evaluate another street at a minimum.

If they shove over our 3x, I think we have to call at almost 2-1 pot odds.


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