November 25, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: Full table no limit sit and go tournament
Your image: Aggressive
Stage of tourney: Early, all players remain
Avg stack: 1500
Misc notes:
Your hand: 9♥9♦

The Setup: Preflop, UTG limps and you limp along with your pocket nines. The table folds to the BB, who checks. The flop comes bingo:


The BB checks, Player A checks, and you, having played aggressively so far, bet out 60. The BB folds, and Player A check-raises you to 150 total. You decide to flat call and the turn – T♦ – makes a straight but not much else. Player A leads out for 180, putting over 500 in the middle. What’s your play?

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I hate min raises, but I think the staff might be on the right track here. Need to build this to be big enough on the river.

I also don’t have the all-in, especially since people hate to believe you drew at a straight.



I voted raise medium, but after reading the comments, I should have been “raise small”. I would have raised “1 unit”, another 180 (so i guess that’s small). I want to know where I am.


iknowrightt Reply:

I think anyone here knows theyre ahead 95% of the time.



All in. The 9’s are good but not the best hand someone could find here. Don’t take the chance of letting his A’s or his pocket 10′s through K’s land a set on the river. Or his K8 of diamonds land a flush on the river. Or his KQ land the inside straight on the river. All in…if he calls, you probably have him beat. If he folds, you’ve made some decent money on the hand and don’t have to worry about the river. If he calls on a draw and hit’s it on the river, you’ll know you did everything you could to get him off it. And you’ll get to call him a stupid donkey suckout when it’s over, which is almost as fun as winning the sit-n-go…



Mary and Andy. You are both terrible players and should quit poker now.


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