October 23, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: NL six max sit and go tournament
Your image: You’ve been slowly draining chips.
Stage of tourney: All six still in
Avg stack: 1200
Misc notes:
Your hand: A♠J♣

The Setup: You’ve been card dead and are happy to see AJ preflop. Player A folds, you raise, the short stack goes all in, the button folds and then the SB pushes all in.

The BB folds. You have 500 chips remaining. This is a 6 max SNG, so top two pay. What’s your play?

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It’s a no brainer. You are pot committed. If you fold, you are in last place and have helped to build your opponents stack once again. If you call you are either in second place if you win the hand or out of the tournament. You may have to beat the odds, say if SB has QQ, but mayb SB has TT and C has Q5. This is actually probably the best you could hope for. Possible tripleup with AJ preflop.



First of all: why make a 3xBlind raise with an 8xBlind stack? Just push in the first place.
And of course you call here. You pay 500chips. If you win you will have 2242. You must have odds for that.


matt tag

Agreed with prior posts. Also note if you push all-in first, one of the others might not have (esp the small blind), increasing your chances of winning the hand.

Unless he has a premium hand, then you’re probably dead meat anyway. Ask for hope from the poker gods…



Gotta call. You’re probably beat but your commited now. You should have pushed in the first place though. It might not have made a difference, especially if the SB has a premium hand, but you are under 10xBB so it is time to push or fold.



Call. Not only are you pretty much pot committed, but there’s a good chance that neither player is actually very far ahead of you, if at all. I play a lot of these sng’s and late game otm players frequently go all in on KQ,44,Ax and the like. If that’s the case, you’re right there for the win.



Call. You are probably in bad shape here if you call, but you’re definitely in bad shape if you fold. My guess is that you’re about 20% to pick up the pot… for example, that’s about your odds if you’re facing a smaller pair and a dominating hand. With what’s in the pot, you have odds for that… it’s about a break-even deal as far expected value goes.

Furthermore, if you fold, you are in big-time trouble. You will be short stack, with 3 opponents with significantly more chips. And 2 chances to get another hand before the blinds cut you down more. Not a good spot.



Call. As others have eluded to, it’s always better to be the one pushing all-in, instead of calling someone else’s all-in bet, however given the shape you will be in if you do not call, it’s really not much of a decision. The show down may very well be a bad news, worse news scenario, finding yourself behind one opponent with 2 over cards to his wired pair and your Ace dominated by the slightly better over cards of the remaining player. Come on baby, flop me some Jacks!



Call. I agree with the above posts on why he would raise 300 with a 900 chip stack ??? Your looking for a hand to push and found one.
Best thing would have been to go all in right away and have just one other caller than 2. You kind of Fked this hand up for yourself.



Agree with what pretty much everyone has said, why the hell are you raising 300 when you only have 800 to start with? Should have shoved pre flop and now its looking horrible but you have to call and hope



FFS. Shove pre.
As “played” there is almost no hand you can fold at these odds.


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