November 1, 2014

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Game type: 300/600 No Limit cash, Full Tilt
Your image: Top player
Opponent’s image: Same
Your hand: K♣8♥

This is an actual hand that took place between Brandon Adams and Patrik Antonius at Full Tilt Poker. You’ll be standing in for Adams

The setup: This hand took place a few dozen hands into a 100k freezeout between Antonius and Adams on Full Tilt.

Antonius raised pf to $1800. You call and flop trips:


You check, Antonius bets $3000, you raise to $9000, Antonius raises to $23400, you call. The turn boats you:


What’s your play?

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DHQ Staff

I like a small lead.

If he just calls, the pot’s still built and you can represent a bluff with a large bet on the river. Since he showed weakness on the turn with a call, he might be willing to call a large bet a little lighter than usual.

Your small bet is also more likely to elicit a weak hand to raise than a large bet would. If he’s got a strong hand, the money’s probably getting in no matter what.

What actually happened: Adams checked and Antonius checked behind. The river brought the Ad. Adams checked again and Antonius bet 26k and Adams check raised all in. Antonius called and showed q8o.



Hmmm… How do you lead small into an opponent who has little bit over the pot left… If he is willing to commit any more, he’ll push anyway, I think. He might push on a bluff with overcards or a flush draw. He would also push if he had an overpair. Antonius raised preflop and he could have thought that Adams was making a move with flop check-raise since Adams could have thought that Antonius had nothing on that kind of flop. So I could see Antonius reraising on a bluff on the flop. I would think he doesnt have to have anything here and therefore checking would seem best to me. As I said, he could shove with a lot of hands.



Played perfectly by adams I think.

Antonius has re-raised the check-raise on the flop so hes obviously got something or is setting up a huge bluff on the turn or the river.

Check and let him hang himself (or in this case just get coolered).

Check-raise on the river is awesome, though there was no way the moneys not going in with these hands.



Small lead … Adams check-raise and call 3-bet on the flop should indicate strength to Antonius. If Adams checks on the turn, Antonius may do the same – value lost for Adams. You hope Antonius has an A-high flush draw and will call. As it turned-out he had the case 8 and the $ went-in on the riv.



I can see Antonius raising on a flush draw here and a small lead seems more profitable. Suppose he actually is going for the flush, checks the turn and the river bricks.
I think checking the turn is good,but the small lead sounds a little better. Something around 15k may represent a blocking bet, builds the pot and is a good price for him to call on a flush draw.



Check raise. Hes obviously got something, and since youre the one who “flinched” and showed a bit of weakness by flat calling the last raise on the flop, let him figure hes got the best of it and put the money in. No need to scare him here.


I don’t like the check-raise on the flop. I would have check-called not wanting to scare him off that one, then probably led at the Turn hoping he would see it as an attempt to represent the King and not buy it.

But it doesn’t matter as it turns out. All the money was going in one way or another. Who has this kind of money to throw around frivilously?


Sted Ruckus

This is a wet dream of a hand. Heads up, you both hit the set on the flop, both have good kickers. It wouldn’t make a difference in the world how you play this, both of you are getting all your money in there at some point.

However, of course you don’t know at the moment that hes holding the 8 as well, but hes got something cuz hes betting his ass off.

I voted check-call. You ended the flop with a call, so you have represented the weakness here. Check again, and let him have a stab at it. I agree with the actual play with the check on the river too, perhaps representing a busted flush, or giving him the chance to represent the A.

But either way, given the particulars, this is where the real luck of poker comes in. Its not lucky enough to flop a hand, its real luck when you both flop some serious heat, and you have the edge. No way in hell the other guy is getting out that hand, and the game just falls in your lap.


Chad Gerson

I’d have led the river though. No sense risking that the opponent doesn’t bet and you don’t extract more value. If he has a hand he’ll call or raise you, if he doesn’t he wasn’t likely to bet the river anyway.

Totally agree with OPI, who has the money to play this?


Samurai Kid

I loved the check on the river. I look at it as the opposite of Gerson. If he doesn’t have anything, you are showing weakness and are giving him the opportunity to bluff at the pot, giving yourself another opportunity you wouldn’t have to extract value. If he does have something then obviously he’s going to bet. I think its well worth the risk in extracting maximum value by checking than by leading out with a value bet. If it was against a very tight opponent then I wouldn’t take that risk and lead out with a value bet.



I don’t think Adams flatted the flop 3-bet in order to slowplay. I think that he wasn’t sure he had the best hand. As I see it, Antonius’s range consists mainly of 8x’s (mainly with a high kicker), 33, nut flush draws (weighed down — 3-betting with a nut flush draw on this board is weird) and maybe some overpairs (kinda unlikely). I think there’s too much in Antonius’s range that beats us. Might make sense to wait for a safe turn card. As it happens, the turn card is as safe as it can be. Now, all of Antonius’s range consists of hands that get it in no matter what (8x,33) and of nut flush draws, plus some air and overpairs. So, why not make a bet that he should be calling if he thinks his flush outs are good? 25% of the pot sounds about right. Get the rest in on the river.

I don’t know why Adams plays it this way. Maybe some meta-game reasons, or something to do with gameflow? Or maybe I’m just not as good as them :).


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