September 20, 2014

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Game type: 2/4 blind no limit hold’em cash
Your image: Tight, a little weak
Misc notes:
Your hand: 8♣7♠

This hand is taken from our archives and originally ran on May 11th, 2007. View the original quiz, comments and poll here.

The Setup: You’ve been a bit card dead in this no limit cash game, and when two people limp in front, you decide to limp on the button with an offsuit 87. You are, of course, rewarded with a gin flop:


Better yet, there’s some interesting action in front. The SB leads out for a little over half pot, the BB calls, and then after one fold, your remaining opponent raises to $40.

This pot wasn’t raised preflop. You’ve been playing a little tight-weak, as you’re focused on another game. What’s you play with the nut straight on a rainbow board with two bets in front?

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DHQ Staff

What we said then: I think you have a clear call here. If you were a different sort of player, a call might shut everyone down, but here you’re just another tight-weak player calling on a board full of straight draws.

Two things happen in you call, and I like both outcomes. Situation one is that you call helps to motivate a third raise from one of the blinds, possibly a player who has a weak two pair or maybe even just a pair, a draw, and some courage. Situation two is you build a substantial pot with your call, as it motivates one or two calls behind. Now you’re looking at a pot with $150 -$200 on the turn, and there are only 9 cards you really hate to see, with another 6 that you’d rather not see. That sounds like a lot of cards until you consider that the actions suggests that several of the 9 pairing cards are probably out of play, and are a couple of the 6 cards that weaken your straight. I think we can safely assume 3-4 out of the six cards in your opponents hands fit the bill, dropping the total scare card count to 12 or so.

At better than 3-1 odds that you’ll see a safe turn, and with plenty of chips behind for almost all parties, I think you can justify a slowplay. If your straight wasn’t top two in the hole, if the stacks were shallow, or if your image was different I might play this faster, but as thing stand I’m electing to simply call.



It’s really hard to say but if you call and the blinds fold, then you’re stuck with a pot of $126. You’ll have 540 behind you and your opponent’s odds will not be very good to call your substantial bets on the next two streets if you want to push that all in. Betting half the pot would be 63 and if he calls you’ll have 252 in the pot with around 480 behind you. Not a good situation.

If you raise to 80 then assuming that D will call then you will have around 250 in the pot with 500 left to go which is a much better situation. Lets say you can bet half the pot and get 125 in on the next street then on the river you will have a pot of 500 with 375 behind you, good enough to go all in with good pressure and reverse odds.

Simply put, for the flat call to be effective, both blinds must call or one of them must re-raise. I don’t like to count on others to build my pots.



EDIT: In the 1st paragraph, I’m talking about the turn when I say “betting half the pot…” and then the river “252 in the pot…”



Tough decision. Voted raise ~150, but I guess the call migth be better.

One thing is sure, if the board pairs on turn, you are out of there. And if it doesnt, you will want to get it all to the middle on turn.

A flat call will leave the pot ~125-160 depending on whether you get a caller. Fine size for coming over the top all in if anyone else leads, more awkward if they dont. The question must be how scary a coldcall looks.

A raise to 150 will make the pot appropriate sized for leading all in on turn. Only problem is that it migth scare off bottom set or the like. Again, the coldcall lokks eary too.



I would call, and hope the board didnt pair or (less so) a 7 came off.

With two people still left to act I think theres a reasonable chance one will at least call or better still one will go crazy and chuck it in with slow-played Aces or two pair.

Even if they come back over the top with a set im happy to get it in now with the nuts.



Also.. I like this site, but its really annoying that there are quizes every few days with glaring errors, missing info.. or worst missing results!

That said, keep it up.



its a clear sign that u should with all the action in front og u and u are sitting with the nut str8 at that moment.being card dead for awhile will help they mite put u on a miss draw if u reraise on the turn.


DHQ Staff

hey 5:

when the quizzes come from an actual hand, we post results; when they come form a hypothetical, we don’t bother.

if there are errors in the quiz or table, please point them out so we can correct them for the archives; as you might imagine, with making so many quizzes, we do screw up every now and again.

dhq staff


Sted Ruckus

Why would you do anything but call here. If you raise, you are almost guaranteed to lose the action of the blinds, and theres a good chance that the player D will decide that it is more than feasible for the button to have limped in with 78.

You should only call. If the blinds decide not to call, then you still have D as the aggressor in the hand acting before you.

This is a silver platter. Hes going to just hand it to you. I disagree with TI who says for this to be effective one of the blinds has to call. No way. Chances are D is going to fire off another shot regardless on the turn. Thats when you raise.



Ah, apologies.. I thought it was an actual hand.

I always enjoy visiting whilst I should be working so thanks for the effort!



This is glaringly obvious call.. you don’t want to lose a single paying customer here. This is NL hold-em, not Omaha, where raise pot would be a correct play. Just like staff said, call is likely to induce all-in from a poor guy with a set here. If we were out of position I’d be inclined to play it faster, but given the position and deep stacks, I will certainly call here – there are two more streets left for building the pot and from the action so far it seems that we will have people to play the ball with.



blinds are likely to be drawing to 1 card straights (which they’ll miss more often then not) so keep them in the hand. at worst you’ll chop a 4 way pot.

better still they may hit a low straight

call makes you look week, you have position and someone else is betting, and someone else is probably drawing – the PERFECT time to slowplay


Keith Harris

I can see how a call would be okay here but with such a huge raise from player D, he probably has something he’d be hard pressed to lay down. So I think another raise will still get called and put money in the pot. If he’s on a draw and a pair or 2 pair or even trips, He’ll call a big bet thinking he probably has the best hand and that if we’re coming over the top, it can’t be with a made straight so he’s most likely got the best of it and if he doesn’t, he still has the turn and river. But if a card comes along to kill our action on the turn, then thats it…. no more money. So I elect raising here. People will make calls on the flop they wouldn’t dare make on the turn or river.




if the blinds are drawing to straights, they probably aren’t calling the re-raise to $42 anyway, even if we call. I tihnk a call looks super suspicious.



Chad Gerson

I understand the arguments for a raise, but I just call here. If neither of the blinds calls, tough luck for you, but you are still in good position to raise or value bet to the raiser’s check on the turn.


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