September 2, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: $150 rebuy on Full Tilt Poker
Stage of tourney: Rebuy period closed, moving toward money
Your image: Aggressive
Opponent’s image: Well-respected online player
Your hand: J♦J♣

The setup: You’ve got a nice stack as you move toward the money in this $150 rebuy tournament on Full Tilt. You get JJ early and raise it to about 2.5x. You get one fold and the CO makes it about 3x that. The table folds to the BB, who shoves for about 14.5 total.

What’s your play?

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Richard P

Well you can’t fold with the pot odds and you can’t raise either unless you enjoy 4bet folding JJ. So call.


John Kugelman Reply:

Ah, no. The BB hasn’t made a full raise but by making more than half of a legal raise he’s reopened the betting so the CO has the option to re-raise after our call.

I’m outta here.


alekhine11 Reply:

So am I ( outta here ).



Im surprised to be in the majority here with a fold vote.

Its not that I love the idea of folding jacks, but its a tough spot. You have to give the all in player credit for a big hand, and player E reraised your EP raise which seems dangerous as well. If youre going to make money here, youre going to have to put a lot of chips in, and win the side pot against the one player at the table with enough chips to cripple you. Not that much invested, and a lot of risk. I just dont know if thats smart poker. Player E will definitely call the all in if you fold, so youll get to see what he’s reraising with. Take that knowledge and use it later.



I’m outta here as well. BB has zero fold equity vs. CO, so he has the goods – I can’t see him making this move with a low pair too often. I’d expect his shoving range being AA-TT, AK against which we’re not in a very good shape. Plus there’s a deep stacked original 3-better behind us who may well also have a real hand.

So we got squeezed – fold and move on.


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