April 19, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 2/4 NL
Misc notes: We have no info on Player C
Your hand: K♦K♠

Preflop: Player B raises to $12, Player C calls and you re-raise to $42 with Kings. The blinds fold and the original raiser folds, Player C calls. Flop gives you top set:


Player C checks. What’s your play?

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Jeremy Fisher

I voted bet half pot. My thinking is right along the same lines as the DHQ staff. I don’t like the check because it doesn’t help build a pot at all, and it’ll be far too easy for villain to get away from the turn if we raise it.
I like a half to two-thirds pot bet right here. If he folds, you’ll know that you wouldn’t have gotten much more out of him anyway, even if you’d taken a different approach.



I think it is funny that “bet small” and “bet half the pot” are two different options.
It is very very seldom I ever bet less than half the pot on the flop, so I consider that a somewhat small bet.

I vote bet half pot, though I would probably put in a few bucks ekstra. Perhaps making it 60$ or so. In my betting pattern it would look more like a hesitant c-bet than a half pot bet would.

But otherwise I totally agree with the staff.


John B.

I’ll check and hope he catches up some. Make him think I’m on AJ or something and that I missed my Ace. I don’t want to bet now and possibly drive him out of here yet. See what develops.


matt tag

I like the check as well – There isn’t much of a hand he could have here worth betting, and there aren’t any cards to come that could really scare us (unless he’s got AA and an A comes), so a slowplay seems in order. Definitely betting/raising the turn though.



agree that “small bet” and “half pot” are not that different. anything that preserves 3:1 pot odds is pretty small in such a game.

previous analysis seems to miss two cases:

1) he made some kind of legitimate hand and you may be able to elicit a big mistaken lead/raise on a later street

2) he has nothing at all and it doesn’t matter much what you do unless he catches something. (But with this board if he catches something it’s extremely likely to be worse right?)

I think it’s a question of my sense of my table image. If people wouild expect me to overbet when I missed, I should overbet now…etc…



Well, we have the nuts and the only way we can get drawn out on without runner-runner is if he has Aces which he doesn’t because he would have reraised preflop 99% on the time or if he flopped a set and makes quads on the turn but I don’t play worrying about quads cause that’s -EV (just ask Jennifer Tilly, lol that was retarded). Anyway, we want to get chips in the pot and given that we have no info on this guy we don’t know if he’s likely to bluff at the pot on the turn so we should just consider how he would play potential holdings. AK would have bet the flop most of the time but maybe he’s check raising here with that which is an argument for betting. Any other big ace will fold to a bet but would probably bet out if an A or their other card comes on the turn which is an argument for checking. If he has flopped a set and is slow playing you then he is at least calling which makes betting look really good. I think a bet is in order here and cross your fingers that we’re in a set over set situation. However, as always we want to mix up our play so I would say against an unknown (read: they would also know nothing about us) I would bet about 1/2 the pot 60% of the time, check 30% of the time and make a pot-ish bet 10% of the time. This is just one of those situations where we flop a hand to dream about but the board isn’t helping at all, so if he folds we just move on. In a tournament, depending on the stage of the tournament I would check more often as a bluff would be more likely.



i like the check here because we do have the nutz and the only way to get anymore chips is to let him at least catch up a little



I like the pot sized bet. I think this player could have a pocket pair that’s higher than middle pair – something like QQ, JJ, TT. Let’s put some pressure on him and make him wonder if we have a king (or two kings!) or not.

I think a check would be very suspicious. Why would you reraise preflop and not bet this flop? If you’re the kind of player that would check QQ here, I guess checking has some merit, but I think no-limit is about putting pressure on your opponents.



small bets and half pot bets are different in my book. maybe we should have called it ‘bet tiny’ instead … the idea behind the option is that it’s a ridiculously small bet.

if you’re raising a lot PF, i don’t mind the check – it mixes up your play. if you’re using a lot of smallish bets with draws and medium strength hands, i like a small bet. if you’ve just been running the table over, i see no reason not to continue to pound here – maybe someone’s holding the case K or an A9 and thinks it’s time to regulate.



The statement “we have no info. on player C” is huge and no one seems to be taking that into consideration. Player C’s style would really determine how I bet. If I check, will he steal on the turn? Will he see a check as a clear slowplay after my reraising preflop and being checked to on the button on the flop? However, with no info on him as stated, I would bet a third of the pot, representing a cheap positional steal on the flop hoping he calls or raises. It’s the only way to get info. on his hand.



If there is ever an obvious answer, it would have to be this particular hand. Half Pot is the only smart option.

Im sure Ally would struggle to write her usual 400 word expose on this scenario… Its pretty easy


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