October 31, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: $30 + $3 SNG
Your image: Through most of the tournament you’ve played TAG
Your hand: 9♥9♦

The setup: You opponent completes for 100, you make it 500 and your opponent calls. Flop looks pretty safe:


You lead out for 700 and your opponent quickly raises to 2000. You’ve seen them raise with a draw once before in this game. What’s your response?

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You’ve almost got me convinced, but against a good opponent I don’t think I can fold this — assuming I’m raising a fairly wide (but not ridiculous) range of hands that flop rates to miss me a huge percentage of the time. Most of my raises are going to be one big card if not two, and a pretty small proportion of those have tens in them, so the temptation for my opponent to raise with air or two overcards is going to be quite large.



i think you can get a better spot than this.

if you had any fold vig, i’d love a re-raise, but i think the staff got it right there – you are not getting a better hand to lay down in this spot.



It’s tough but I think you need to fold with the one overcard here. No reason he couldn’t be holding J-10 or A-10, which would fit with preflop call, then raise on the flop.


Deep Stack

Also, since your opponent didn’t re-raise all in, that’s an indication that he indeed has a made hand instead of a flush draw…so that could be set/overpair/or TPTK



Folding is the right move. Even though heads up sit and gos are all about agression and getting lucky your really not in the position to do either of those two things. You could push him but unless hes bluffing completely he will make the call..and you probly be in a good position. Even if you have the best hand on the flop most hands that would make that reraise have a good chance at beating you in a race. So youd really be hoping A, you have best hand on flop and B, he doesnt outdraw you on turn/river.

Its a bit to much to hope for. Make the laydown and hope for a better position to risk all your chips.



I’d fold, but it’s a close decision.

My read is nut flush draw, with ace-baby. In my mind, it’s the most consistent with the action. In that case, you are ahead (barely) so you could justify continuing with the hand. But my read is no lock, by any stretch. There really isn’t a reason he couldn’t have an overpair or trips on the 2 or 6. And in those cases, you’re meat. The “best” scenario is that he has 2 overs (without the flush draw). I just see too many ways to be in trouble, so I’m out.



personally, I’d go all in making his pot odds less.



I would have pushed when he completed. But I fold here if my opp is anything but a maniac.


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