April 24, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 1/2 No limit cash on Full Tilt
Your image: Pretty aggressive preflop
Opponent’s image: SB is a little LAG, UTG+1 is a little stationy
Your hand: A♥6♥

The setup: You’ve just about doubled in this NL game in short order by playing very aggro preflop and then picking up kings and getting someone to 4-shove against you preflop with AQ. You haven’t gone to a lot of showdowns otherwise.

This hand UTG folds, UTG+1 limps, the table folds to the the SB, who calls, and you check. You flop the nut draw:


The SB leads for $5 into $6. You decide to just call, and UTG +1 calls as well. You make the nuts on the turn with the 8♥. The SB leads again for $14 into $21.

The UTG +1 player has been a bit of a calling station, and you don’t have any specific read on what this line from the SB represents. What’s your play with the nut flush and a player still to act behind?

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I am exercising our aggressive image and raising pretty big here, in the ball park of $40-$45. I want to build as big a pot as possible with the nuts, and the biggest benefit of having an aggressive image is that you are more likely to get paid off when you have it.

Flatting here to get the UTG+1 calling station nto contribute another 14 is a bit greedy, it’s counterproductive and could very well cause river problems. Another heart kills our action, and a paired board would be pretty ugly. That’s 20 cards that we don’t want to see. Besides, he may very well come along anyway – the straight got there, and he might even cling onto a lone top pair. There’s also the possibility that one of the villains has made a smaller flush, in which case we want to get as much action going as possible. It looks like the SB could well have a set/two pair/smaller flush, in which case I don’t think he’s going to give up just yet.

If we get just one caller to our raise, then we’ve bloated the pot more than by just inviting the station into the pot, and it then allows us to make a bigger value bet on the river. Hell, we might even induce a re-raise.

Juice it up, get as much $ in there as possible.


Major Dude Reply:

This is actually a nifty quiz, because Hero should play the hand differently in limit vs. no-limit.

I think this is a turn call in limit … nice to keep the weakest player in … we can’t really make it incorrect for a set to stay in … let’s disguise our hand a little longer and then see if we can make more money on the river. (I played mostly limit until a couple years ago.)

But since we’re playing NL, I like Waste of Paint’s line best. We want to give the sets a chance to lose a lot of money, and the guy with Kxh a chance to go broke. We’ve got much more ability to build a pot now, furthering both those goals. The huge payoffs from an aggressive line in such a situation are big enough to justify maybe scaring off weaker opponents if we’re way ahead already.



I dont see a lot of 2pair possibilites from SB, so that really leaves bare kings, a set of 4s/7s or they just turned the straight. All but the bare king is going to call our raise of almost any ammount. Jack it up here to like WoP said 43 +/- 5. Be weary if the board pairs OTR but i dont see ourselves ever not getting it in this hand given the opportunity.



i voted call. the problem is that players who are stationy dont necessarily want to play large pots. usually they just want to draw, or see if they can improve their hands. the calls are attempts to control the size of the pot. i think if we raise here theres too much of a chance that we fold out both opps, despite our aggressive image. on the other hand, we’re pretty sure the station calls the 14 if we call, and then we have another street where utg is likely to lead again and we can pick up some more value.

i dont know….i can see raising too, it all depends on whether they have real hands, and there is no way to know right now. its a borderline decision.


Pirate21 Reply:




I originally thought call in order to keep the station in. However, it is a limped pot and it appears that the SB has a hand, perhaps 2-pr or a small set. I think we are more likely to get value (i.e. a call) from raising here then OTR. It is a $1-$2 game and calls occur more frequently OTF and OTT. If they have 2-pr, they will likely CF the river. If they have a small set, then let’s charge them for the river.

If the SB has only a pr, then our raise likely folds-out both opponents and we lose some value. I’ll trust my read on the SB betting pattern and try to extract a bit extra now.



i believe we are a massive favorite to beat the entire table and can easily delay the fireworks until the river!
We are winning (philosophically at least) when someone is wrong about what we hold:
there is only one flush card which hurts, 7h. Otherwise another heart is 5:1 to show (we still win!).
There must be <11 board cards that can hurt us…. There will be 36 cards left after the burn before River and we’re a better than 2 to 1 favorite to beat the entire table!!
We’re the bb and obviously could have anything, lets keep ‘em around, we only need 1 customer at the end to think our biggest bet disingenuous, why not keep ‘em guessing? It keeps ‘em coming back!
i vote small raise of $32 to go



of course if another heart does come out, we’d make another $30 bet or even quarter size pot bet



I thought for a while that a full house or even quads might cause problems. If someone has a set and either of the cards on the table gets doubled on the river.

Not sure how to factor it in though, as I am new to cash games, though given that we’re still deep, it might be expensive. Would we fold a nut flush.


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