October 1, 2014

Daily Poker Quiz

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Game type: 200/400 NL cash, full tilt poker
Your image: Smart LAG
Opponent’s image: Same
Your hand: K♦7♦

This hand took place between durrrr and pr1nnyraid. You’ll be standing in for durrrr. Thanks to High Stakes Report for the hand history

The setup: You’ve been running well in this 200/400 six max game when the following hand comes up. You’re dealt a suited K7 in the SB. The table folds to the button, who raises 3x. You re-raise to 5,000, the BB folds and the button calls. You flop top pair:


You check and the button bets $6,500 into $10,400. You call. You make two pair with the 7♥.

What’s your play?

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DHQ Staff

If you check – call, you’re probably losing out on some river value when you’re ahead and risking giving a free card that you don’t have any real reason to give.

If you check – raise, you risk the free card again, and you probably only get all the money in when you’re behind.

If you lead, you’ll eliminate the free card risk and get some additional value from time to time when pr1nny decides to bluff / semi-bluff raise you. I like a lead for about 13k here.

What actually happened: durrrr checked and pr1nny bet about 15k; durrrr raised all in and pr1nny called, showing a set of fives.



I would lead in this spot nearly every time (for 1/2 to 2/3 pot), because with a split two pair you can’t give a free card here. If he already has a made hand (or a strong draw) you still have some outs.



I go for the lead, just for the reasons as the staff mentiones.

Most likely he either checks behind for potcontrol, or has you beat.



I would also lead. Its a made hand but is not that strong and its very vunerable.

About 3/4 pot and have to think very seriously about calling a shove.



I voted check raise. Im figuring he probably hit the king or queen and doesnt want to see a 4th heart…he’ll bet, especially if I show further weakness. If he checks behind, Im only worried about a heart on the river, if it doesnt hit, my river lead could get a wide range to call since It will look more like Im trying to steal the pot after he checked.


Samurai Kid

First mistake was checking the flop holding top pair. Now you’re allowing a danger card to come on the turn to see where you’re at. Bad play


poker noob

As played, leading is pretty much the only option I see. C/r is attractive, but I have such a poor read on my villain. There is a huge range of hands that he’s playing right now and I could be way ahead or way behind and a c/r might get me all in while trailing. Another check/call is a bad slow play when so many hands can beat me.

Maybe it’s because I’m still learning, but I hate the way this hand was played. I don’t have a big problem with the bully tactic preflop (although I prefer to do this in later position). But I have a real problem with the post flop check call. I have top pair with weak kicker. There are big flush and straight draws that I have no part of. Only four cards will improve my hand and one of them, the 7h, is a nightmare. I need to either take this pot down now or at least narrow the range of hands the villain is holding. His stab at the pot gives me almost no info as this is a pretty standard play from position. Fact is, I probably don’t get out of this hand unless he goes all in or something and I end up getting crushed anyway, but I should have a better idea by the turn the strength of my opponents hand.



i like the move you make with the re-raise pre-flop. i don’t like the check-call post-flop.
100% of the time i’m leading out 2/3 pot.
On the turn my check-call looks either like a draw or a slowplay because of my laggy image. When the heart peels then it looks like i’ve spiked my flush or am betting for value. So i can define his range



Lead for about $12k, enough for him/her to not receive pot odds for a flush draw. Checking allows the possibility of a free card. Two pair is strong in this type of game … ouch with the set of 5s.


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