October 24, 2014

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Game type: 1/2 NL Cash, Full Ring
Your image: TAG
Opponent’s image: Fairly aggressive preflop, haven’t seen him go to many showdowns
Your hand: A♥K♣

The setup: You haven’t done much so far in this no limit cash game. This hand, two players limp early and then the CO makes it $10 to go. You flat call and the BB and limpers fold. You flop top pair:


You check and the CO bets $18 into $26. You call. The turn brings the 9♣. You check and the CO bets $29. You call. The river brings the 3♥.

You check a third time and now the CO almost instantly shoves all in. What’s your play?

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black fair


The all in is a bit of a concern.

If our opponent put us on stubborn pockets generally they’d try and value bet us a little less than shoving all in.

The all in shove usually indicates a move where you think your opponent thinks you just can’t fold your hand, and we are clearly on an ace of some kind on this sort of board, obviously a good ace given our image.

At the end of the day however for me the board is to dry for our top pair top kicker not to be good enough of the time given the odds.

I think the only thing we are up against is an Ace two pair really.

I don’t really like it, but I call here.

As usual, we should’ve raised preflop.


black fair

enough with the old quizzes DHQ staff. there is no longer much point to this site. this quiz is what, a couple weeks old?


catcher Reply:

I second to that. How hard can it be to post new quizzes? If there’s a shortage of hands to discuss, why not simply add a submit form – I am sure that the regular readers of this forum would have plenty of material.


groundhog day

I am OK with the pf flat, but not after that flop. I would have checkraised there. Or, if I was feeling tricky, CR the turn.



I agree with Groundhog day…I think the flat is alright preflop. But on a flop like that, being out of position – either bump it up or check raise it. But just calling the whole way you really have no idea where your at. You think your in the lead and you may even think your trapping a fairly aggressive opponent, but who knows. I don’t think he would shove it all in on the river with a set – he’d probably want to value bet a little wiser. But I do think that there is a good chance he’s showing up with two pair here. Either way tough fold or tough call. I would have bet/raised more earlier in the hand to take control and take it down OR lay it down.



first of all, we definitely should have raised the flop or the turn at the very least. flat calling the whole way with a vulnerable hand is just begging for disaster.

anyway….im almost certain we’re ahead and he’s trying to scare us off figuring we’re weak (we’ve definitely played this like we’re unsure, or tentative). the bet, bet, instashove pattern is almost always that. out of position, in too deep, hoping a final show of strength will dig you out of the hole you got yourself into. call and rake it in.



I’d fold. Like most of the others, this AK hand was poorly played. I think if the v held 22, 33, and 77 they are calling p/f. If they are holding A9+ and 99+ they are raising. I’ll throw-out AA and KK since hero is holding one of each. The curious turn bet of less than half-the-pot, followed by a riv shove scares me as A9, 99 may play that way – the light turn lead, hoping for a raise in order to answer with a 3-bet shove. 1010, JJ, QQ should be slowing down by the riv, as well as weaker aces, since it is apparent that the hero has an A. Certainly the v could feel brave with AQ, since the hero’s hand is well-disguised. In the end, I’ll let it go and kick myself for not raising the turn.



Good to see you back, black fair! I missed your insight. If you post elsewhere, let us know. I will follow you anywhere.



I call, because he could have AQ, AJ, or bluffing and that’s enough for me in this situation, especially against a villain who’s avoided showdowns–one way or the other.



Call. Yes, the hand has been poorly played, but here is my rationale:

1. You know that he’s not on a set of 2′s or a set of 7′s. If he was, the 60%-of-the-pot bet on the flop would be a TERRIBLE play. For that matter, if he’s on Ace / big, it’s a pretty bad play.

2. I have a similar thought about the turn bet. If he hit a set, this is a terrible bet all-the-way around, but it looks more like a “feeler,” showing weakness. On this bet, I have him on Ace-little, where “little” is not 2, 7, or 9.

3. The “call” is simply a bet that he doesn’t have a three either. If he did, the shove is irrational anyway; better to check-raise.



Call. We’re representing an ace worse than AK since we didn’t raise PF, on the flop, or on the turn. We are getting 2-1 on the call so we only need to be right 33% of the time just to break even. He could have AQ, AJ-ATs, maybe even weaker since we know he’s aggro PF. He could also being making a last stand to push us off our weak ace with a big pp. If he got lucky and spiked 2 pair or a set gg.



You should avoid getting all your money in with one pair in cash games. This hand was played badly and on the river their are too many aces up possibilities (4), plus str8 as well as sets. You cant call a big over bet here for the remaining $60 odd of your $120 stack, regardless of what we’re representing. You played it poorly and got yourself in a bad situation dont make it worse by calling off the rest of your chips.



Sick but we have to call this one. No reason to fold after calling 2 streets before. If he’s got two pairs or set so be it, it’s our mistake not raising and not knowing where we at and most likely he’s got weaker ace or big PP like JJ-KK and think we don’t have an ace since we check all street.


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